The gender pay gap

Andrew Watson
February 18, 2021

Ultimately the fact that there is a gender pay gap is the result of decisions made, no doubt by men, based on a belief that motherhood isn’t as valuable as earnings for the company.

And balancing gender pay (over time) is similarly a decision, able to be made, by men, who are choosing not to make it. Call it a conscious decision not to make a decision.

Now that the gender gap has been exposed, how can the decision to balance it be enabled?

In a short-term earnings oriented world, accounting practice has an illogical flaw, in that decisions to invest to balance the gap are costs on the income statement. That they are costs is both immediate and certain.

Accounting practice has a deep illogical flaw in that it penalises decisions to do the right thing.

Note the deliberate use of accounting practice, which is deeply flawed, and not accounting, which is close to perfect when the debits and credits are properly applied.

How to reverse this flaw?

Andrew Watson

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